We help midsize B2B companies
unlock growth using strategic marketing

No agencies. No dependancy. No magic.
Just experience and hard work!

Some of the companies we've helped


2x revenue in twelve months


Brand new marketing communication


Improved team collaboration


269% revenue growth in 3 years

Difference between normal
and strategic marketing

Standard marketing teams


Focus primarily on design, ads, brand and visibility


Are ractive, rather than proactive.


Are disconnected from sales and product teams.


Find it hard to show their added value to the company

Strategic marketing teams


Focus on market analysis, defining USPs and sales support


Are proactive in defining and executing projects.


Are highly aligned with sales and product teams.


Can show their exact added value to the business

How we achieve this


Growth Assessment

Stop guessing, why your company isn't growing as fast. Using our proprietary framework, we can analyze objective and subjective data about your company's growth blockers. Thus, we identify the lowest hanging fruits that wil bring you maximum benefit. We can deliver the analysis in just two weeks and at a fraction of the cost of a high street consultant.



Growth Projects

Based on findings from the growth assessment, we help you resolve any growth blockers. Every company is unique, so our support has to be unique as well. From goal setting, through analysis and idea manageent to setting up proper reporting, we help you build effective strategic marketing teams.

Examples of Growth Projects we do:


Goal Setting

We mediate a management offsite and help your management team define long-term, mid-term and immediate goals that follow the SMART methodology.


Market Analysis

We help companies gain a deep understaing of the market by developing Target Markets, Marketing Personas, USPs and other frameworks. Using Competitive Analysis we can identify the most promising markets to approach.


Idea Management

Knowledge is the most untapped asset of any company. We help you implement processes to support idea sharing between teams in a sensible and actionable manner.


Campaign Planning

From initial analysis to campaign brief, budget and tasks. We help companies plan efficient, professional marketing campaigns that truly help you achieve your desired results.



We will set-up a complete and actionable marketing management report, including Marketing Funnel, Customer Journey, ROI Analysis and other dashboards you need.



Don't have an online sales capability yet? No problem. We will launch an eshop for you, with all the technical and procedural steps required.



Growth Software

Our proprietary software built specificaly to manage strategic marketing departments. From Goal setting, through Budget and Idea Management to Campaign execution and Reporting, our software is specifically built to support you in managing complex strategic marketing departments.

Our services work


Cost? Fraction of what you'd expect!

A typical midsize company with 14 sales & marketing employees requiring two projects to achieve meaningful change:

  Analysis Projects Software Total cost
Big Four Constultant €8,000 to 10,000 €25,000 without clear deliverables €100 /user/month €39,200 without guaranteed success
Oppido €4,000 2X €5,000 €30 /user/month €15,260 with several exit points

We can deliver first benefits in just one day - 350€.

Long-term cooperation with a typical client takes 3 months, costs ca. 15,000€ and the client has several exit points.
Comparable cooperation with a big four consultant would cost ca. 40,000€ without exit points.

A little about us


Ivan Hruška sr.

  • 40+ years of experience in international companies

  • Managed a local Czech company into a behemoth listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange


Ivan Hruška jr.

  • 12+ years of experience as a CMO in local and international companies

  • Built several successful marketing organizations


Our team

  • We have internal and external specialists for individual marketing specializations

  • We've developed a complex marketing management software to manage the framework

Others Have Said About Us


Ivan has managed to hire a fully functional marketing team with whom he created our brand identity, inbound marketing strategy and all related processes. He is also a hard worker and I always knew that once we agreed on the goals, he would move earth and water to deliver them. I can strongly suggest him for any company that needs to create a long-term, sustainable marketing.

Karel Schindler

jednatel, ROI Hunter


You will remember Ivan most by his relentless push to change dysfunctional things that others got long used to. He'll tackle problems very systematically, from internal surveys to project plans, sell it to management in a perfect pitch, and mobilize others to execute with him. I'm confident Ivan will thrive in any organization which needs to adapt, sometimes radically, to quickly changing circumstances.

Pavol Dravecky

Senior Analytik, McKinsey


Oppido has built the core of marketing department for our medical platform Mindpax. They've helped us develop our marketing strategy, marketing plan and a perfectly functioning website. We've decided to continue co-operation with them and they are currently executing first campaigns to promote the sales of our platform. They are experts in the field with proven results.

Pavel Nevický

jednatel, MindPax

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